Watts Baggs full line of medical bags and wheeled bags for athletic trainers and medical personnel 
Bushwalker Bags full line of medical bags and fanny packs for athletic trainers and medical personnel 
MedPac Bags full line of medical bags for athletic trainers and medical personnel 
StatPacks full line of back packs and fanny packs for Athletic trainers and medical personnel 
Cramer Products an industry leader in sports medicine and athletic training room supplies 
IC wrap plastic wrap for ice bags, foam rollers, stretch wrap, plastic wrap 

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We sell 3 widths of IC Wrap at lower prices than virtually everyone on the web. We brought plastic wrap to Sports Medicine in 1991. See the original ICWrap in 3" x 1000', 4" x 700'(no handle required, hold in your hand) & 5" wide x 1000' long with 1" diameter extended core handle and is priced $3.75rl, $4.00rl, and $4.25rl, respectively.  

What are you paying?

Creative Custom Products offers a wide selection of the finest athletic training bags, sports medicine bags, and emergency medicine bags, kits, cases, backpacks, fanny packs, equipment, and supplies.

We represent top line manufacturers who specialize in medical bags, medical kits, cases, Plastic wrap/IC Wrap, for the clinical, industrial, and athletic settings.

We are proud to present to you the complete lines of the finest quality medical bags: WattsBaggs, SportsMedic/MedPac,  Bushwalker, StatPacks, Cramer, and Mueller.   ICWrap 3"x 1000', 4", x 700' &5"x 1000' with 1" extended handle, foam rollers, and more are available by clicking Creative Custom Products box to the left.  For assistance, please call 1-800-368-8182.  


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